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3D high resolution simulation of air quality in town


The goal of the project is to develop a revolutionary simulation system to represent and provide the atmospheric pollution at any point within a very big city, with a resolution of about a few meters throughout the city.

  • Monitoring the quality of the air inhaled by each citizen, at any moment and at any point in the territory, is a very important issue in terms of public health. This is especially so in urban environments, where the intensity of pollution sources due to transport and the high population density leads to important exposure values, notably to ozone, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter.
  • Air quality monitoring for urban environments goes beyond the mere observation of concentration values by monitoring networks; it now integrates daily use of numerical simulation models. These are used to represent present or future traffic, emissions, local meteorology, and above all the air concentration of pollutants induced by all these factors. By combining at any moment the concentration of different pollutants with the estimated journeys of the citizens, whether inside or outside buildings, we are able to estimate the exposure of each individual to atmospheric pollution and hence the effects on health.
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The AIRCITY project benefits of FEDER's funding

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